Who are these Cultural Tourists we keep hearing about?

Besides coming along to our symposium which will answer all your questions about the cultural tourism market (shameless plug = 25 May, Tate Modern, book now via our website here!) we’ve now published the second of our free guides to get you thinking about these potential audiences.

The London cultural tourism market: definitions, facts and figures is your quick reference guide to the key information about what cultural tourism is and how it links to the arts and heritage sector.

Can we all be curators?

Just came across this article in this week’s Time Out about an exhibition called The Library of Babel at 176/Zabludowicz Collection… where they’re inviting visitors to give their own public tours!

Anna-Catharina Gebbers, guest curator for this exhibition, says ‘It’s a way to encourage people to not only think about their own responses to the works but to share them and perhaps research works that they are particularly interested in…’

Sounds like an unusual but imaginative way of opening up the exhibition to new interpretations and encouraging visitors to engage with the work and each other…