Cheaper tickets in a bid to boost live events

There’s a lot of buzz  right now around the news that LiveNation and Ticketmaster are due to lower their ticket sales in a bid to boost capacity. While this news will primarily affect commercial gigs and festivals, it’s acts as a reminder to the whole sector that having a good cultural offer only works when you have a good cost structure tied in. I also reckon it’s a sign that people are far more savvy when it comes to picking which events to go and see now- and probably a good opportunity for local authorities to organise more free festivals. Today’s news is also a reminder to ticketing agencies that he public have had enough of paying high ticket fees- a good reason for organisations with internal box office systems to publicise the fact that buying a ticket directly from a venue could be a cheaper option for arts goers.

West End theatre prices

The Telegraph theatre column’s been having a debate about West End theatre ticket prices and access, in the context of Jez Butterworth’s play ‘Jerusalem’.