Perfecting your Elevator Pitch

networkingA couple of months ago I posted a guide on how to network effectively. After some pretty positive feedback, I’ve now written up a factsheet on how to perfect your elevator pitch, with tips on wording and structure. I wrote up this factsheet after running an internal session on networking skills, and we all thought it would be nice to share our tips with you.

An elevator pitch can be considered as a 30-second blurb that you say to someone who you’ve never met before, that’s meant to sum up what you do, where you do it and how you could be relevant to that person. It sounds simple but it can get very tricky!

Top Tips on Networking

NetworkingWith 70% of new business gained through word of mouth, the power of networking should not be underestimated. After attending a free event at the British Library, I was inspired to create my top tips on how to network effectively after taking part in a mini-seminar run by Courtney Consulting.