Organisations that are truly madly deeply ENGAGED…

I’m currently working with someone who is doing a Cultural Leadership placement.  She’s studying Community Engagement and what this really means in practice.  It’s been a great opportunity to talk in depth with a colleague and get the chance to look further afield than London to some fantastic examples, which include:

  1. Loca – Kirklees Council’s arts and regeneration agency.
  2. Access Space -the UK’s first free media lab and based in Sheffield.
  3. Contact Theatre – a young people’s theatre in Manchester.
  4. Bluecoat Arts Centre – an arts venue in Liverpool.  Check out the Blue Room project, an arts service bringing together adults with learning disabilities with professional artists, 3 days a week 48 weeks a year.

And what do these all have in common?  We  sum it up as…

It’ s impossible to separate the community engagement from the artistic process.

If you’re interested in community engagement and would like to join our discussion get in touch.  More thoughts about this soon…

Mentoring Gold!

This natty publication is the handbook for you if you are seeking or planning a mentorship in the arts industry – either as a mentoree or mentor.  What’s not to love?

Getting Connected – making your mentorship work

ps.  The link will also take you to wonderful place that is the Research Hub of the Australian Council of the Arts.  It’s v.useful – I can only imagine that Emma is probably right there now.