Free property advice to charities

crumblingbuildingThe National Council for Voluntary Organisations, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and the Charity Finance Directors’ Group have set up a joint initive to provide charitable organisations with free property related advice.

Charity Property Help offers pro bono time with RICS member firms to advise on a range of issues, such as:

  • Property maintenance
  • Environmental issues
  • Lease, renewals and tenencies
  • Planning issues

For more details visit the Charity Property Help website.

Cultural Planning Toolkit

Just heard about the new culture and sport planning toolkit which, for the first time, brings people working in the built environment and those working in culutral agencies together. Developed by the Living Places Partnership it sounds like a must read for anyone involved in culture and regeneration.

More details are here and thanks to John Harrison at the MLA for news of this.

Architecture and audiences

tateAs it’s announced that Tate Modern’s  new extension has been given the go ahead, and the upcoming Theatres Trust Conference will be looking at “how different approaches to theatre architecture attract and influence audiences in different ways”, I’ve been wondering what evidence exists about the relationship between visitor and building?

Of couse there’s been a wealth of information gathered in the museums and galleries sector about curating exhibitions, and the Photographer’s Gallery did some consultation with MHM before they relocated. We’ve touched on visitor opionions about the Design Museum as a space. But is there anything out there about actual audience engagement with the design of a building?

Do you know of any case studies relating to this? Let me know: