The Art of Making Videos – Part 3: Useful links and free resources

And so we end the week with the third and final part of ‘The Art of Making Videos’ series, here at the Audiences London blog. To catch up on Part 1 (The Basic Rules) click here, and to catch up on Part 2 (How to distribute your video) click here. This series has only touched the surface of producing video content for your organisation, and I hope that it has encouraged you to be creative with your resources. Today, I’ll be providing you with handy links to some free service providers who can help you further with producing video content.


Miro Video Converter, free software that converts video into mobile and other platforms

Miro Player, provides free video player software

Universal Subtitles, subtitling resource for YouTube

Boosey & Hawkes, offer affordable back-music for videos


 IT4Arts, helps UK not-for-profit arts organizations manage their IT effectively

Openmute, a web resource project aiming to support cultural practice in the information age


Somethin’ Else, a cross-platform media company producing work for radio, digital media and branded content.

Transparency Rules OK


It’s not going to be an astounding revelation to any of us but Nielsen’s latest Global Online Consumer Survey shows that word of mouth is the most powerful form of communication when it comes to getting people to trust your brand. No fanfares there.

What I think is interesting is the second highest result in this league table of “trusted sources” – ‘Consumer opinions posted online’. The opinions of strangers posted on online forums and review sites are now incredibly powerful portals for gaining consumer trust, and there’s not a thing the brands can do about it! Although I do wonder if this will provoke some corporations into trying to infiltrate the message boards… My advice? Focus on good CRM and values that you believe in and stick to and let the quality of your product shine through, and this fits perfectly well with cultural organisations too. The consumer (audience) is king!

Zurich Chamber Orchestra play on the power of Emotion

ZKO_HeartbeatI’ve only just discovered Zurich Chamber Orchestra’s powerful and innovative advertising campaigns. Last year, the Orchestra launched an online viral that likened music to a rollercoaster, becoming an online hit with over quarter of a million views on Youtube. This year, the Orchestra’s continued it’s theme of emotion by focusing on the human anatomy and it’s response to powerful music. If you feel inspired by Zurich’s campaign and want to make your own online video, check out our ‘Art of Making Videos’ series by clicking here.

Good practice for social media advertising


Are you think of or already advertising through social media channels? The Interactive Advertising Bureau have just released their FREE downloadable guide to Social Advertising Best Practices.

 They say that there are three key values in advertising through these channels:

  • Reach: Social media has overtaken email as the most popular consumer activity. Consumer growth is coming from an older demographic than social media’s historical base.
  • Relationships: Social media’s strength is in the personal connections it enables, the peer-to-peer contact, providing reasons for consumers to visit regularly and for extended periods of time.
  • Relevance: Consumers are extremely engaged with the content and connections that their friends are creating because of its personal relevance.

I agree in principle, but as I’ve said lots before (just look through my other blog posts…) if you’re going to advocate your product or organisation through social media you have to listen to the conversation first before you can join in.