Get yourself a Facebook button

Over 30 brands on Facebook now have up to one million devotees. I can’t promise you’ll get that many fans if you do take your Facebook profiles more seriously, but that one little button can open up so many possibilities. Find out who the lucky brands are here (it might be more fun guessing who they might be before clicking…)

The current state of Twitter

If you use Twitter as a way to get in touch with your organisation’s audiences then this snazzy infograph might get you up to speed with the current state of Twitter. If you were ever puzzled by Twitter, or weren’t exactly sure who actually uses it (and what for), then this infograph is for you!

Websort – another quirky online analysis tool

sticky notesI thought I’d share a clever analysis tool I used recently. It’s called Websort and it basically replaces the need for those ‘post-it’ exercises where everyone tries to categorise and group things under similar headings with sticky notes (that generally end up stuck under your shoe) by doing it all through an online interface. It’s been particularly useful for finding out how people like to navigate categorisations on websites. There’s a free 10-user trial version available from the Websort website and is well worth a go.

How to fundraise using Twitter

Mashable have posted a really useful guide on fundraising using Twitter here. If you are considering new ways of funding for your organisation, then take a look at their top tips!

A little less conversation, a little more action

Just finished watching the Get Ambition Scotland webinar about Listening Online. You can read more about it on their Ning here.

It was really interesting hearing Mike Coulter from Digital Agency talk about his top tips for using social media.

Mike suggested that we should think about creating a ‘little less conversation’ online, and trying to prompt ‘a little more action’ instead. For example, rather than inviting people to tell you what they think online, ask them to do something more active, like post a picture on Twitpic or Flickr.

To help make the case to your CEO/Artistic Director/board for investing more staff time in social media, Mike played this compelling video with lots of exciting hard stats!

Teens don’t blog.

Pew Internet has published a report showing that young people are in decline when using blogs, while their interaction with social networking sites (like Facebook and Myspace) is on the up. Check out the findings here. The Pew Research Center is a nonpartisan “fact tank” that provides information on the issues, attitudes and trends shaping America and the world.

In a hurry? Fear not! Mashable have covered the report in a quick and short article which you can find right here. And while it focuses on American teens, it’s still a useful insight into the ever-changing shifts with teen behaviour!

Get blogging with a little help from the best

Back on blogging again. So you’ve got your platform, you’ve made it look pretty, you’ve added your tag cloud and your twitter stream… now what? How do you get started with that slightly important part called content? Learn from the best of course. Here are some of my favourite blogs which I think are successful for very different reasons. What can you learn from them?

For content
Gnat Gnat – written by my lovely friend DK (so maybe I’m biased…) it taught me a lot about what a blog can be. This is just a collection of words, images, videos etc that make him laugh, make him think, make him cry… things that give us an emotional response that he thinks are worth sharing with the world. Keep it short and let people make their own minds up about what they see.

For design
pandemian – it’s a blog, but it doesn’t look like a blog! This showed me that you that you don’t have to stick to the traditional formats

For business communications
Mediasnackers – it has the strengths of a blog in having video and images embedded where it makes sense, not where the template demands it. Plus it shows authors of posts, it’s not a nameless faceless webpage, and you can comment! Brilliant for listening and exchanging with your clients and colleagues

For community building
Etsy – or “the Storque” as it’s known. This is a place for the numerous craft makers and designers that sell their wares on the website to come together, learn, share and support each other in their artistic and entrepreneurial ventures. I love that it’s public but clearly has the sellers at its heart – after all, Etsy would be nothing without them.

Please do share your favourites here, and tell us all why they inspire you!