Let your customers do your marketing for you…

A recent exchange with the excellent Ali Tomkinson, Director of External Relations at the CBSO about capturing and communicating the magic of live concerts, got me thinking about how we could use the amazing impacts we have on our audiences more effectively in our communications.

Two recent examples of organisations doing this really well caught my eye.

A cinema ad for Canada which uses (what looks like) real people’s own videos of the their holidays – the antics of a skidding bear, filmed from a ski lift, and the dramatic disintegration of an enormous iceberg. This really worked for me – I shared the amazement and delight of the people experiencing these great holiday moments.

Though annoyingly I can’t find them on the website.

Snow in Canada

Another one is over at Tate Modern where they are making the most of their swipe card technology and following up Tate Friends who visit a particular exhibition with an e-mail from the curator hoping that you enjoyed the experience and inviting you to write something about it for the Tate blog.

We know we provide incredible experiences to audiences, surely with the technology we now have available we could capture and communicate this magic more effectively ?

More images of audiences having a good time would be a really simple start…..

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