Creative Clusters

NESTA has published a new report called Creative Clusters and Innovation mapping the UK’s creative hotspots.

It’s an interesting study exploring the role that creative industries play in local and regional innovation and how they can spur economic development outside the creative sector.

The report is accompanied by an interactive online mapping tool which allows you to investigate the hotspots in more detail.

As well as letting you see if your area offers opportunities to learn from and collaborate with other creative businesses, we also know that some of the most avid arts-attending population segments are likely to work in the creative sector themselves … and here’s where they’re based!

This is an example of how it is sometimes interesting to consider how the arts fits into the wider creative sector. It helps us to expand our horizons and think about how the work that we produce is often the result of a whole range of inputs from different suppliers across the creative sector and beyond.

These networks of businesses often cluster together into areas and this is demonstrated in the mapping tool that NESTA has produced.

It is worth noting that this report is about ‘creative industries’, which encompasses quite a wide definition, including a number of areas of which ‘Music and the performing arts’ is just one.

The study shows that while London does take the lead in terms of creative industries there are a number of other clusters that have been identified across Britain. Also, within London there are a number of sub regional clusters.

It also identifies that while creative industries cluster together, there is also a tendency for these areas to be hotbeds for other related industries such as ‘High Tech’ and ‘Knowledge intensive businesses’.

The creative industries sector has been growing year on year and even with the downturn it is predicted to keep growing over the next 5 years.

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