Whatever sparks your creativity

I had my nephews to visit over the weekend. A big deal for all as we only get round to it once a year. They’re five years apart in age, and now that those ages are 17 and 12, the five years seem an even bigger gap to bridge.

Image of Enron programme

Enron at the Noel Coward Theatre, London

So we thought we’d take them to see Enron, and treat the older one like a grown-up. He thought it great, was really into the satire and came away suitably steaming about the injustices of the world.

I’d been a bit worried the younger nephew would be bored out of his mind. But he was buzzing: in a 20-minute expose of exactly how he would re-design light sabres to make them even more lethal, and the additional features the corporate ‘monsters’ could have, the moral of this blog became clear. So long as you have light sabres and scary monsters to spark your own creativity, who cares if the satire goes way over your head?

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