Interested in culture?

Of course you are! I recently picked up my first copy of Monocle magazine and was blown away by the quality of text, images and content. It’s hard to explain what Monocle is about as it covers lots of different grounds, but it has an excellent Culture section which shows you interesting projects happening all over the world right now. This month they focus on the trend of museums becoming places of social gathering rather than to educate. So pick up a copy if you can. They’ve also got a great website which you can access here, although content can be restricted.

One Response to “Interested in culture?”

  1. michael adjei Says:

    DEAR sincere friend/
    this is the kake culture Troup who are special and professionals when it come to culture dancing. this are the dance kete,kpanlogo,kpatsa,fumefume, and many more. calling from Ghana the reason for this our call is that we are calling upon you to come to our aid and help us final our papers and documents which will help us in our traveling or if you can invite us to come to where you to help us to show and display our skills and talents to the whole wild world the king of stuff and calibre we are made of.dear friend. we are [10] in number and have got great stage attitude and performance which is very personality and a most watch for all persons both the young and old.We come to in the name of god that u can help u. We are waiting for your rlepy this is some of pics GOODBYE WE HOLP WE WILL HERE FROM U SOON

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