“More people take part in cultural activity in this country than vote”

The Stage has just published an article by Nick Clegg addressing the Lib Dems political standpoint on culture. Although he leads on the strong and measurable economic impacts of the arts and heritage sector, he does go on to say “I want to build a new economy, in which we no longer worship risk-taking and greed, but we value ideas and expression“. So what is that exactly? What opportunities will the Lib Dems create for free creative expression? It seems that their focus for culture is it bring it back to education, with “an extra £2.5 billion for schools” although only specifying that this “will allow teachers to cut class sizes and provide more one to one tuition” rather than how the arts will be incorporated into formal education.

I’m afraid for me it continues to get even more woolly – he’s taken this opportunity to raise the Lib Dems standpoint on Iraq, human rights, climate change and even their income tax policy.

Sorry Nick, to me this just seems like another opportunity to signpost your other key manifesto points and there’s nothing robust about how you would continue to support the arts in the UK. I’m not convinced. What do you think? Please do comment!

2 Responses to ““More people take part in cultural activity in this country than vote””

  1. Alex Fleming Says:

    This is absolutely spot on. I’m surprised The Stage allowed him to say so much about everything but the arts and didn’t push him on some specific commitments.

  2. Emma Says:

    Personally it feels like he bought ad space. I stress personally – not an AL opinion of course!

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