How innovative is your organisation?

We keep hearing that  innovation is critical for success, in both the ‘for’ and the ‘not for’ profit sectors. But what is innovation?, and how innovative is your organisation?

Rather than sitting around thinking up crazy ideas, real innovation is about putting in place the means for systematic creativity.

I’m a firm believer that innovation in the cultural sector shouldn’t only be the preserve of our creative colleagues, but that across all aspects of our organisations we should develop a culture and processes that help us all think creatively. 

I recently went on a course run by our colleagues over at the management centre  (highly recommended) and they have done some really interesting work on this topic.

You can rate how innovate your orgnisation is using  =mc’s free online quiz.  Here at Audiences London we scored well for generating and fostering new ideas, but have work to do when it comes to launching and learning from them… how about your organisation?

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