Banksy and Saatchi in top 30 most visited global exhibitions in 2008/9

the phone-box lost the fight with the axe

The Art Newspaper published its annual listings showing the most popular exhibits and galleries in the past year across the globe. Japan seems to be king of exhibit attendances, but the UK doesn’t fare so badly!

As Art Newspaper quotes, ‘The Art Newspaper’s 15th annual survey of attendance figures confirms that Saatchi has hit that target, tempting 1.2 million to visit. “The Revolution Continues: New Art from China” exhibition and “Unveiled: New Art from the Middle East” attracted 4,139 and 3,828 people a day respectively, tallied by automatic counter. This made them the first and third most visited shows in the UK. Only the “Banksy effect” stopped Saatchi securing a top one and two in the UK. The street artist/local boy made good drew almost 4,000 people a day to see his interventions, or “remix”, of Bristol’s City Museum and Art Gallery.’

Looking at museum attendance, The British Museum was the second most visited in the world (behind the Louvre), National Gallery came in fourth and Tate Modern fifth. Check out the full article on Art Newspaper’s website here, or download the full list here.

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