A little less conversation, a little more action

Just finished watching the Get Ambition Scotland webinar about Listening Online. You can read more about it on their Ning here.

It was really interesting hearing Mike Coulter from Digital Agency talk about his top tips for using social media.

Mike suggested that we should think about creating a ‘little less conversation’ online, and trying to prompt ‘a little more action’ instead. For example, rather than inviting people to tell you what they think online, ask them to do something more active, like post a picture on Twitpic or Flickr.

To help make the case to your CEO/Artistic Director/board for investing more staff time in social media, Mike played this compelling video with lots of exciting hard stats!

One Response to “A little less conversation, a little more action”

  1. Mike Coulter Says:

    Hi Anwen, thanks for shoutout, appreciated.

    But I can’t take all the credit:-

    I have to thank Elvis for the original thought re ‘A little less conversation a little more action’.

    And Erik Qualman @equalman for the great insights in his Socialnomics.com work. And for permission to use his film.



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