The great outdoors

Cover photo of Beyond Their Walls reportI attended the launch of the Arts Council’s report “Beyond their walls” this morning, with amazing views from the top of the Southbank Centre this morning. A beautiful morning to look out over the river, and think about the ways in arts and cultural organisations can engage with people in the great outdoors.

“Beyond their walls” shares 10 organisations’ experiences of working in the public realm. The concept of ‘walls’ with respect to public space is not just about organsiations thinking beyond the physical walls of their venues but, as was pointed out this morning, there are many people who do not engage with public spaces and it is these invisible walls that we should be mindful of when stretching our own boundaries.

The Arts Council hope that this document will inspire in organisations the desire to promote audiences and organsiational development, to explore options for collaborative practice, and to be encouraged to have a go!

We have one printed copy of the report here at the Audiences London office, so if you’re popping in at some point, you’re welcome to have a browse. Otherwise, the report can be downloaded from the Arts Council’s website here.

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