Top tips for charity communications

dsclogoI recently went to the Directory of Social Change’Charity Communications training day, and good value it was too. I attended some very good seminars by ngo media and virtual construction (set up by a very nice chap called Matt Haworth I used to work with in Manchester!).  The sessions were practical, encouraged networking and were definitely thought provoking, I recommend DSC training days very much.

My top tips from the day are:

  1. Always ask for something – whether it’s just a signature or a donation, it never hurts to ask but do try to offer something for free in return!
  2. Keep active – good for SEO and client relationships and trust. Keep your content fresh.
  3. Personalise – when sending communications make sure it’s from a real person that your clients or supporters can interact with should they wish to.
  4. Plan – communications plans do take a LONG time! Never underestimate how many people will want to give you their input, and how hard it will be to get the input from the people you need it from!
  5. Evaluate – always try and track your communications, who they reach, who reads your stuff and what kind of impact it’s having on your business.

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