Fancy working after 65? Think again…

SidPrior1A little bit of live news coverage today from the AL’s fictitious Newsroom (!) The High Court has ruled that British employers are allowed to force employees over the age of 65 to retire, even if the employee doesn’t want to leave. According to the BBC article covering the issue, ‘The majority of people retire before 65, but 1.3 million people work beyond state pension age. It has been suggested that many more would if their employer permitted it.’ Looking at a 2006 Guardian article adressing the fact that ‘2.6 million people aged between 50 and 65 who are unemployed or economically inactive would prefer to be working’, does today’s ruling seem sensible or unfair? And what effect could this have on older people’s engagement with the arts?dial-a-ride-3543

On local news, the BBC has also published an article  today showing that elderly Londoners are finding it harder to book journeys using the Dial-a-Ride service due to the introduction of a new computerised system in 2008.

One Response to “Fancy working after 65? Think again…”

  1. Says:

    Seems like the court aren’t ready to respond to the social changes we’re starting to see. Ageism, particularly towards women at work, is getting so much press at the moment. Yesterday the BBC posted that they’re actively looking for an older female newsreader, a move that Older People’s Champion Joan Bakewell was reported as welcoming.
    And we all know about the backlash about Arlene Phillips being replaced by a younger presenter…

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