An AmbITion Manifesto

Wordle: ambITion manifesto I’ve been mulling over the thoughts and questions I took away from the AmbITion roadshow and Art of Digital London Symposium… lots of issues that were discussed at Sadlers Wells also came up in Leicester at the AMA conference. Having just written up my post-AMA conference manifesto, I felt inspired to write a post-AmbITION manifesto too, about things we need to be doing differently or better…

ambITion recommends that arts organisations…

1. Create remarkable content (it’s not about creating quality so much as interest)

2. Crowdsource and co-create (collaborate with other artists and audiences)

3. Explore virtual spaces and be playful

4. Provide platforms for discussion and co-creation, don’t just provide content (e.g. host bloggers nights)

5. Open up the creative process

6. De-institutionalise and personalise instead

7. Share the power of the curatorial/creative process – empower your audience to participate

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