Thoughts and questions arising from AmbITion…

Just adding to Penny’s post on this…

Ideas I found interesting…

  • Digital technology allows us to explore liminal spaces and be in two places at once
  • Cultural organisations need to move from being gate-keepers to curators and beyond – allowing audiences to explore their own ideas and curate their own experiences
  • Cultural organisations should think about providing platforms for discussion, not just creating content
  • No-one is an expert anymore – the best people with the best ideas probably don’t work for you, so you need to go and connect with them online, and crowdsource solutions
  • Why not host ‘Blogger nights’ so your audiences can comment on their experiences live during performances? Project a ‘back channel’ into the performance space so the audience can view their thoughts and interact with each other and the performers.
  • When crowdsourcing it’s important to think about your relationship with the crowd not just the result you seek
  • It’s not about being good anymore, it’s about being interesting

 Questions I came away with…

  • How can we deal with the noise of digital?
  • Does the live audience become second class to the ‘virtual’ audience?
  • What constitutes engagement and what distraction?
  • Does a rise in engagement lead to a demise in attention?
  • Are we heading for participation fatigue?
  • How can we use new tools to solve old problems?
  • Should we protect the sacred space of performance against interference from audiences?

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