Christian Payne… the guru of social media…

2008-sfA highlight for me, as part of the AmbITion Roadshow event… and offered a brilliant one-stop-shop for  the inside track on all that social networking stuff… essentially follow his Twitter feed @Documentally or visit his site Our Man Inside to see how you can really use all the available wizardry… But mostly, he makes it sound easy, even if he does carry around a rucksack that looks like he’s equipping himself for some sort of assault on the BBC.

His online toolbox includes the following: twitter, wordpress, flickr, (for video),,, audioBoo, (livestreaming), YouTube, vimeo (for HD video), Phreadz (multi-media platform for conversation) etc. hopefully all of which are self explanatory. And the essential piece of equipment is the Kodak zi6 (but wait for the new version) as your recording equipment! He also recommends good ways of managing all this ie. by using tubemogul to manage distribution and tweetdeck to filter.

Identifying ‘amplifiers’ (or ‘initiators’ in our marketing terms) is where the power is ie. people who re-tweet or pass on information.

Although we still don’t really know which of our audiences are using which tool, so if you’ve got the expertise, time and will all of this is possible and will reach someone. However, I guess the challenge is that you need to be clear what it is you’re trying to do and why, who you’re aiming to engage, and ideally are able to assess the level of response somehow…  but maybe that’s all just a bit too futuristic! But these are the areas I’m interested in.

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