AmbITion Roadshow/Art of Digital: things to read


So, we went to the AmbITion Roadshow and Art of Digital Symposium and learnt some things… here’s the first installment – things to read! About digital, about the arts and how it could work for you…

To keep up to date join the ‘ning’ network for Art of Digital London and also to find out about the follow-up workshops and surgeries organised by IT4Arts and Mute – which Audiences London will also be contributing to.  Also see previous post in this blog to answer our burning question… how do our audiences engage with digital?

Some of the presentations:

Books and things:

  • The Art of With by Charles Leadbeater… not to, but with…
  • Digital Britain Report – essential reading if you need a steer on government ambitions.
  • “Free” by Chris Anderson – as the name suggests he is a big fan of  the idea of ‘information wanting to be free’ and true to his word, the book is available free online.
  • Arts Council Digital Research – recently published results from phase one – including some qualitiative research with arts audiences and digital users and an audit of all RFO’s online presences.

Sites to visit

  • Henry Jenkins – digital geeks guru! Said things like “convergence culture – when old and new media collide”… and more…
  • Christian Payne – or as his known in Twitter – @Documentally – if you want to know what’s what in social media and networking – he’s the man!
  • Hide and Seek – champions of  ‘pervasive gaming’ – where you put the individual at the centre of a game or project, responding to our participatory culture resulting in the ultimate engagement.  All sorts of cool projects, and were inspired by the work of Punch Drunk.
  • You Tube Symphony Orchestra – a global collaboration involving LSO and other orchestras to solicit auditions from musicians around the world, culminating in a performance at Cargegie Hall that was livestreamed on Youtube and reached 8million views.
  • Britten Sinfonia – using digital technologies well to engage with their audiences
  • Slideshare – an online storage place for all your Powerpoint presentations
  • Social Innovation Camp – why not create one for the arts?! It’s a weekend where you get lots of technology geeks together with social activists and come up with new solutions to old problem using digital tools
  • A Million Penguins – Publisher Penguin’s wiki novel

And there’s lots of good stuff at Missions Models Money about our changing society and how organisations should adapt and evolve.

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