Shift Happens 2.0 feedback, the landscape is changing…

shifthappenslogoIf you haven’t heard of Shift Happens by now, where have you been?! Or maybe you’re not as much of a digital nerd as me… But that’s ok, it’s not just for the geeks out there.

Shift Happens 2.0 took place at York Theatre Royal on the 29th and 30th June this year. I was there on behalf of AL and it was a great event to be part of. The highlights for me included:

  • Charles Leadbetter’s talk on his latest thoughts, “The Art of With”. Read the full essay here
  • DK’s dynamic and encouraging session on engaging though social networks and new trends
  • Andy Hobsbawm’s introduction to DoTheGreenThing – entertaining, inspiring and educational
  • C&T’s approach to involving young people in the arts, online media and social issues
  • Bill Thompson’s philospohical views on where we’ve come from and where we’re going in a digital future
  • And of course, networking with lovely clients and collegues – never a dull moment!

For more info about the day and the participants, you can check out the Ning network here and the outline of the day on Pilot Theatre’s website here. On both you’ll find feedback from delegates, podcasts of the presentations and contacts to network with. Go explore! Always happy to share my thoughts further of course…

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