Free labour = survive the recession?

In the charitable sector we to tend to be a little more aware than other sectors of the power of working with volunteers. This week the commercial sector seem to have taken it in a a whole new direction, with BA aksing their staff to work for free. Not quite the same thing chaps…

As reported in the Third Sector this week, skilled professional volunteers could be a vital tool in supporting organisations struggling in the current financial climate. This point was raised by the presenter Jon Snow, at the Charity Trustee Networks annual lecture. As fantastic as it sounds, he did manage to clearly and concisely explain:

He [Snow] said people in his newsroom would not be receptive to charity appeals for volunteers to hand out soup, but would be willing to lend help with web design and communications.

How are you tapping into this unclaimed resource? Please do share your experiences.

One Response to “Free labour = survive the recession?”

  1. Emma Says:

    Short but sweet, here are the slides from an excellent presentation Emma Walker gave at the Arts About Manchester members meeting back in 2007. She’s now Chief Exec at Craft Scotland.

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