Boost your individual giving!

It’s going to be some time before the economic situation is stable once more, and as reported by the Arts and Business Market Trends 2009 report, 43% have seen levels of individual giving drop.

So how can you increase individual giving without throwing expensive galas and member events?

  •  Explore new online platforms. Matthew Little writes for the Third Sector website this month that Ebay’s charity partner MissionFish reports that online giving has tripled over the past year. A new feature on eBay that allows buyers to make a donation to charity when they pay for an item has raised an additional £700,000 since it was launched in November.
  • Optimise your landing pages on your website to make donating quick and easy. This Landing On Gold report at gives some tips on this (the link will request some contact details to download the report, but it’s free).
  • Utilise Social Media platforms. Facebook Causes allows you to set up details of your charitable case for example, but please remember that facebook users are individuals and when they come together to support a cause it’s because they have a reason to invest. It is a 2 way conversation, not a sales pitch! This article has some good points but I think it misses the community aspect of social media, tread carefully!

And for more ideas, here’s a free presentation I found which collates fundraising trends for 2008 from some expert types. Have you taken advantage of them all in the last 18 months?

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