Maximising the impact of the arts during the recession…

Maybe we’ve heard enough about this, but this conference (by the CPPS and sponsored by ACE) came on the day of the announcement of funds being made available by ACE to support organsiations through the recession (see previous post…)… So, a concrete acknowledgement of practical help being required… and I think a first outing speach-wise for the new ACE Chair Liz Forgan.

Otherwise the general zeitgeist of the day was about how we could be working as arts organisations to provide evidence and make a better case for the arts being integral to society – through a new kind of narrative of value – (and an integral part of the way out of a recession) – about we should be shouting louder and encouraging our audiences to be more vociferous!

Several speakers talked about how we should also be working more effectively across sectors, across regions and across organisations to collaborate, connect, network share etc. etc.

There were also suggestions that if we know that we need to change, restructure or develop our organisations in any way – now is the time – we can’t put it off any longer.  New business models may be required…

And finally… we should not compromise in artistic programming, creativity or in support of our artists or staff – it is not the time to limit our ambitions as this will weaken our case and bore audiences!

There’s more, but that’s the general gist!

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