Top Ten Tips for E-marketing Success



Earlier this month I attended Stuart Nicolle from Purple Seven’s excellent training session called ‘Email Marketing: The Tools for Success’. I thought I’d just blog the Top Ten Tips I picked up to share with you here:


  1. The critical success measure for emails is your click-through rate.
  2. The critical success measure for your website is your email sign-up rate.
  3. Therefore, the relationship between your website and your e-marketing should be a virtuous circle.
  4. People subscribe to your email list to receive newsletters NOT for a hard sell.
  5. Know what’s normal but be prepared for the odd surprise occasionally!
  6. What you do today will affect your future e-marketing success.
  7. Segment and test!
  8. Know your prime real estate
  9. Avoid image rendering issues with three easy steps
  10. And finally – here’s an e-marketing strategy in a nutshell!

 Click here to read more about these top ten tips.

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