How to communicate with online communities

More nuggets of wisdom from Kevin Gibbons on behalf of Econsultancy. Wonderful advice, please spread the message!shout

In summary, Kevin covers three areas:

  • Spelling, punctuation and grammar
    If the first time someone encounters your brand they see mistakes, they will assume the company is equally careless with its product or service.
  • Transparency
    Failing to state your commercial interests when you are commercially active in a forum or other social platform is really problematic.
  • Purpose
    Give some thought as to exactly what you hope to achieve online and then target your time accordingly.
  • Alienation
    Don’t pitch in a social space. It alienates any would-be customers and also makes your copy less effective.
  • Heavy handedness
    Unnecessary legal threats will gain negative blogosphere coverage and a reputation as a bully.

In fact these are some great tips for the tone of your copywriting in general. The way that the public now engage with organisatsions and the media has been massively influenced with the way that we engage with each other online. Think about your use of social media as a civilian (for want of a better word!) before you post for your organisation.

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