Social Media = PR. Discuss

I was at a great conference yesterday:


Although the event was dominated by corporate PR types, there were some really interesting case studies raised. Craig Elder, Online Communities Editor for the Conservative Party demonstrated that he and his team absolutely understand how social media should be used to get your message out there. I think the essence of this understanding has come from the delicate position of representing a political party – you have to listen to people, not force your message down people’s throats, and that is precisely what was reiterated by several of the speakers:


I was delighted to hear everyone back this up! You wouldn’t barge into a pub and announce at full volume how great your next exhibition is would you? No. Sit down, talk to people, find out what they’re interested and find a way to introduce what you think is of value to them about your brand.

Also, I can Highly recommend Steven Davies’ (no, not that one) blog at, where he’s just posted a copy of the presentation that he gave about Twitter – WTF is Twitter and why should I care? Very useful for you newbies, I’ve just upgraded to TweetDeck, so I’m an expert myself. Read: proper geek now…

There’s so much to say about the conference, why not search for #dontpanic in Twitter – lots of comments were made throughout the day. And while you’re at it , feel free to check out my tweets – emmclean

2 Responses to “Social Media = PR. Discuss”

  1. Stephen Davies Says:

    Thanks for the mention! 🙂

    • Emma Says:

      Hi Steve, no problem! Really great presentation – proving useful with my collegues already. Not to nag, I hastily found you on Twitter and @replied you but didn’t get a response (2 way conversation?) really interested to find out any thoughts you have on the demongraphics of SM users, Twitter or otherwise! have a hunt through your feed if you’d like to share any thoughts – emmclean. Thanks!

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