The rise and rise (and rise and rise…) of social media

Nielsen’s post on their blog today identifies the fastest growing social media sites. While Facebook ploughs on at a staggering rate (228% growth in unique visitors year-on-year) Twitter has blown everyone out of the water with an unbelievable 1328% growth in unique visitors!!

Now, that’s not to say that you should all rush out and start tweeting about your next exhibition or show (see my earlier post on my interpretation of Social Notworking), think about who’s using each site (again, see my earlier blog about Tweeting and Teens!) what your message is, who you think will respond to it, how much time needs to be invested for a measurable return on your objectives etc etc…

Still, it’d be nice to see that sort of growth in London’s arts audiences!

One Response to “The rise and rise (and rise and rise…) of social media”

  1. Emma Says:

    More info about twitter metrics and predictions for consumptiona nd take up from David Wilson:

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