Who’s tweeting about your website?

backtweetsNow you can find out with BackTweets. Simply put in your URL – no need for www. or even the .co.uk/.org/.com etc suffix. E.g. just “audienceslondon”.  Hey presto! All tweets linking to your site will be displayed, even if people have used URL redirection services such as Tiny URL – it reads the destination, not the actual text. Hooray!

2 Responses to “Who’s tweeting about your website?”

  1. Pak Says:

    so what’s the exact point of this? i’m sure it has a use

  2. Emma Says:

    So you can see who’s talking about your website and what they’re saying! Also you can see who’s signposting your site which offers the potential to engage with them and make them feel valued (if it’s a positive comment) or intervene with damage control and relationship management (if it’s a negative comment).

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