How do you plead?

Saw this in Urban Dictionary today: Social Notworking

UD define it as someone who spends all their time on social networking sites faffing around rather than doing the work they’re paid for. But I have to say the image that immediately sprang to mind when I saw this phrase is the multitudes of SN profiles that promise to connect with a new generation of people and tell them about the wonderful things that they’re up to, then just sit there, giving nothing back to the faithful few who subscribe to your portal.

I have to say I know a number of our collegues in the arts sector are guilty of this… There’s so much intelligence and information on how to make Social Newtorking work for you and your organisation. Don’t be one of the guilty parties! If in doubt pick up the phone, I’d be happy to share my advice as the resident geek.


One Response to “How do you plead?”

  1. The rise and rise (and rise and rise…) of social media « Audiences London’s Blog Says:

    […] and start tweeting about your next exhibition or show (see my earlier post on my interpretation of Social Notworking), think about who’s using each site (again, see my earlier blog about Tweeting and Teens!) […]

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