cross over digital marketing

What did we used to do before ? The days of fumbling through a musty, yellowing and dog-eared A to Z are over, yet the memory lives on.

smap_vidiconSo I was looking up an address on streetmap near the Aldwych and noticed this strange symbol all over my map. Outraged by this invasion of my map space and being the curious mind I am, I took a closer look. Then it dawned on me. What better use of digital marketing then to embed short promos of your theatre shows (in this case the Lion King) to what is a widely used online map. So unsuspecting users can not only find out what’s on in the area they’re about to visit but also the location of the venue and directly link through to ticket bookings.

This is cross over digital marketing at it’s finest and a clever use of online mapping making the trusty A to Z ever more redundant.
The people behind the videos are

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