To blog or not to blog?

Here at the Audiences London office, there’s no question about it – blogging is the future. That I, like a certain Danish Prince before me, have taken a while to make up my mind is evident from my lack of posts since the blog began back in December. But with a little (gentle?) encouragement – and the growing realisation that I’m missing out on all the fun – I’ve arrived here, keyboard and courage in hand, on the Audiences London blog.

So, to introduce myself: I’m Hannah, Project Assistant at Audiences London since November 2008. My role is a new one, designed to provide additional support on the Thrive! project, and administrative support for the Research team. Arts Council England’s Free Theatre Initiative is keeping my to-do list topped up at the moment, as Audiences London is coordinating a collaborative offer (lots of lovely free tickets for under 26 year olds between now and March 2011) from twelve of London’s leading theatres. You can read about the project in my colleague Anwen’s post, here, find out more about our London offer by visiting, or check out the national scheme at

I’ll be blogging about my tea-fuelled life and work here at Audiences London, plus any other useful/interesting/fun things that come my way. Who knows? This Reluctant Blogger might become a fully-fledged digital convert. And I’ll try to avoid slightly strained literary references in future too. Promise.

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