One year on …

Phewff … well, that’s nearly a year I’ve been with Audiences London, and it’s been a busy one … ‘Oh no it hasn’t!’ … ‘Oh yes it has!!’.

Looking forward to a wee break in bonny Scotland over the festive season, recharging the batteries to head into January with full force! The research team here will be involved in lots of exciting projects in the new year – with fingers in the pies of music, dance, performing arts, film, visual arts and festivals and outdoor events. On top of that, we’ll be continuing to grow and develop our team, with a new Research Assistant in January, and a series of training events … “My my, what a big training budget you have! … All the better to serve you with!”.

Through this blog we’ll be hoping to share our learning and top tips with you throughout next year. As a starter, do have a flick through the MRS website which has some great resources for members and non-members alike.

Thankfully, I’m not going to be practicing our research approach at Edinburgh’s Hogmanay party! Just a wee dram and some first-footing with a bit of coal!

Bryony (Research Manager)

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