Will Strong Communities be built on these rules?

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As AL’s Community Engagement Coordinator, I’m going to pitch straight into my first post with news of the latest communities policy from No. 10.  The strategy released this month, Fair Rules for Strong Communities, is the government’s approach to ensuring there’s more equality during the credit crunch, or in the words of Hazel Blears (Sec of State for Communities and Local Gov)  ‘no-one should get a free ride’.  Measures include putting pressure on credit card companies to treat customers fairly, tighter restrictions on who can claim benefits (no longer available for single parents whose children are 7 and over) and a more visible  Community Payback scheme – for which the jackets below have been designed…


One Response to “Will Strong Communities be built on these rules?”

  1. Pak Says:

    Great resource – do you think the Payback jacket comes in any other colour other than dayglo yellow? (^_^)

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